Brunello at Vinitaly: “Contracts signed at the fair”



“The best result for us at Vinitaly? We have signed contracts, a fact that has not happened for several years”, said the manager of the Consortium of Brunello. Stefano Campatelli’s testimony speaks volumes about the atmosphere of optimism and satisfaction among the producers of Montalcino the last day of the fair in Verona. “Finalizing business contacts is a very important and positive sign, which confirms the growing interest of buyers and importers from around the world, in Brunello,” continues Campatelli, “our work certainly benefited by the new formula VeronaFiere launched this year: it has given us more time to spend on professional contacts without taking anything away from visitors and wine lovers, who are central because they allow us to feel the “pulse” of the target consumer. “Mainly American buyers visited the Brunello Consortium that groups 74 wine producers (plus another 70 wineries with their own personal stands), the largest market for Brunello, which absorbs 25% of production, as well as experts from all over Europe, especially Germany, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. The Asian countries were in the minority: the Chinese market, potentially of enormous importance for Italian wine, but where wine is still intended for elite consumption. So, the Consortium has developed a high-level training course on Brunello, to be held in China for a select group of tasters and sommeliers. Not just experts visited Brunello: in addition to thousands of wine lovers, who loved the opportunity to find many bottles all together to taste, the major Italian medias (TV and press) visited the Consortium, confirming the medias’ interest in Montalcino.

A foundation in Montalcino

With the purchase of Poggio di Sotto in 2011, he has won the right to the title of producer of Brunello. Now, Claudio Tipa and the Bertarelli Foundation (founded together with his sister Maria Iris Bertarelli) would like to develop social, cultural and archeological projects in Montalcino, starting with the restoration of the Sant’Agostino frescoes. Write and tell us!

Enoteca Pinchiorri, the role of Brunello



It is one of wine lovers’ most sought after and desired places anywhere on earth, a sanctuary that contains 130.000 bottles of the most prestigious Italian, French and international wines: the wine cellar of the Enoteca Pinchiorri boasts 3 Michelin stars and besides Annie Feolde’s fabulous cuisine also offers one of the most complete wine lists on the planet, selected by Giorgio Pinchiorri over a 40 year period. And what place does Brunello hold in this famous wine cellar? The manager, Ivano Boso, explains, “in the Italian section Tuscany leads, highlighting its link with our region. Brunello plays an essential role here, as it represents not only a symbol of Tuscany but also and above all, a great image and the highest quality”.

Montalcino, the “general state” of the history of farm culture

Researchers and students from the top Italian and European Universities come to Montalcino every year for the “general state” of the history of farm culture: the international Workshop on Farm History that each year between August and September draws the top experts of the sector. It is a real think tank dedicated to the farm world and for the occasion Montalcino becomes a high level cultural hub. It is important that companies and institutions continue to believe and invest in the farm world because it is only in retrospect that we can understand and interpret the dynamics of the present and the future. The Workshop is closely linked to the “Center for Studies in the history of the countryside and farming”, based in Montalcino and founded in 1997 by Massimo Montanari, one of the most important scholars in the history of food in the world, Alfio Cortonesi, professor of Medieval History at the University of Tuscia, and Raffaele Licinio, professor at the University of Bari. Around this center, there is a link of medievalists who have developed a joint research and training project.

Montalcino and France, a link born a long time ago

From a strictly winemaking point of view, there is no doubt that there has been a bitter ongoing conflict between the capital of Brunello and France over the last decades, over great bottles of wine on the major world markets. And yet, between Montalcino and France there is a strong historic connection, strengthened by a military alliance that between 1555 and 1559 witnessed the battle between the two major powers then, France and Spain. When Sienna was occupied by the Florentine troops, headed by Cosimo I de’ Medici and the Spanish troops, a large number of Siennese people founded the Republic of Siena and retreated to Montalcino. At the same time, the French troops, allies of Siena, led by Captain Blaise di Monluc arrived in Montalcino. For four years the people of Montalcino lived in tremendous sacrifice and suffered terribly. There were thousands of French and Siennese troops in Montalcino. The Republic of Siena used Montalcino money but the treasury was empty and crops were scarse. The legendary Blaise de Montluc, friend of the Montalcino people did not give up and every morning “he would color his cheeks with a robust red wine”.

Democratic Brunello

Brunello for everyone: Pierluigi Talenti, one the of the most famous wine producers in Montalcino, who passed away in 1999, strongly supported this concept. “ Brunello should be accessible at a justifiably high price because it is truly a great wine, but great wines should not be reserved only for millionaires”. What do you think? Write us!

The double nature of Brunello

Brunello is so versatile that it can be paired with an elegant dish to be savored in the refined atmosphere of a starred restaurant or with a simple dish like the handmade “pinci”: here then is the secret of Brunello di Montalcino, a wine with a double nature. It’s ideal match is with the typical dishes of its territory, made of simple but high quality ingredients – fresh pasta, salamis, soups, but it is also a prestigious wine for special occasions and is always on the tables of monarchs and heads of State. Gianfranco Vissani, one of the top and most famous Italian chefs, says Brunello is so great that it wins the test even with the most novel recipes: “I would pair it with”, he says, “a typical dish of Certaldo – onion fondue cooked in embers and dressed with mint and thyme and served with raw shrimp dusted in toasted acorn flour”.